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Monica Vega Artist/Founder of Gallery 18

         Gallery 18 is a 1800 square foot located within the exclusive Eastwood Mall shopping Complex in Niles,Ohio. Gallery 18 is operated by artist Monica Vega who founded Gallery 18 in 2017. Monica has multiple decades of art experience including open air markets, studio operation, professional art making and selling, and media interviews.

The specialized genres features at Gallery 18 are contemporary portraiture & design.

Gallery 18 gets its name from a story of a young woman who over came the odds through hope and redemption.

Gallery 18  aims to introduce a sophisticated culture of art and knowledge that is not readily available within our current market. 

All artwork and videos that are listed on the website are created by Monica Vega.

We can't wait to connect with you!

Roman 11:29

          Available Services:

         Contemporary Portraiture

          Design /Mural

         Art Consultation


Domestic Family Members

 Ordering a piece of art is an investment

It shouldn't be a quick decision.  Enjoy this style of art by sending a reference photo of your loved one.


-artist Monica Vega

What our customers are saying

Such a treat to me artist Monica Vega Gallery 18 at the Youngstown Flea last weekend.Her charming  portrait twins immediately reminded me of my two very happy years being a college roommate.

So I bought it!!


"She going to love this portrait"

-  pet owner who 's animal  has illness💝